New Jersey Fluorescent Minerals


Long Wave

Compared to Shortwave, only about 15% of the fluorescent minerals will fluoresce in longwave. Sphalerite is one of
more common minerals and can produce some spectacular colors.

A deep red Calcite with some Sphalerite pinks and purples in SW. The Sphalerite shows pink, purple
and blue LW
Calcite: FL red-orange with Willemite: FL green SW. Sphalerite: FL, orange, blue, purple, yellow
and cream LW



The typical red and greens of Calcite and Willemite SW, a nice rich yellow Scheelite coating under LW.


Good size stone at 5 pounds, Willemite: FL green, Calcite: FL orange SW
Sphalerite: FL, PH orange, blue, purple and yellow LW


Bright fluorescence in both SW and LW with Sphalerite
and Hydrozincite (blue) dominating.
5 color stone, Sphalerite: fluorescing orange, blue and purple in both SW and LW , typical orange and green of Calcite and Willemite SW

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