New Jersey Fluorescent Minerals


Long Wave

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A deep red Calcite, Willemite: FL green with a touch of blue? SW
 The Sphalerite shows pink, orange and blues. LW
Calcite: FL bright orange with minor Willemite: FL green SW.
Sphalerite: FL, orange, blue, purple and pink LW.



Willemite: FL green SW, Fluorite FL a beautiful violet-blue LW. PH blue-green (teal)


Willemite: FL green, Calcite: FL orange SW
Vibrant longwave Sphalerite: FL, PH orange, blue, purple and yellow LW

Aragonite coating on "crazy calcite". The Aragonite fluoresces pale yellow under SW and blue LW. Crazy calcite is the local name for dolomite in calcite. Nicely veined, Willemite: FL green, Calcite: FL orange to red SW.
 Sphalerite: fluorescing orange, yellow,blue and purple in LW.

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