Extinct Requiem Shark

Abdounia recticona (Winkler, 1873)

Age - Eocene - Commonality - Common


The teeth of Abdounia recticona are small, averaging about 5 mm (less than ¼ inch) with a triangular crown. Cusps number from 2 to 6, are broadly triangular and outwardly directed running up the cutting edge of the crown. The root is beveled with a strong nutrient grove. The crown does not overhang the root.
Abdounia recticona is broken into 2 subspecies based on the number of cusplets:
1. Abdounia recticona recticona (Winkler, 1873) 3-4 serrations per heel. Reported from the early to mid Eocene (Lutetian).      
2. Abdounia recticona. claibornensis, (White, 1956) 5-6 serrations per heel, Reported from the late to mid Eocene (Bartonian).
(Manning pers. com. 2017)


Abdounia recticona

Abdounia recticona
Monmouth County, NJ.



All my personal finds have been limited to 2-4 cusplets.


The root of Abdounia recticona is beveled with a strong nutrient groove.



Some of my Abdounia recticona teeth in a gem jar

Monmouth County, NJ.


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