Extinct Mackerel Shark
Archaeolamna kopingensis (Davis)

Age - Cretaceous  Commonality - Common

Archaeolamna kopingensis is one of three species found in New Jersey that is locally referred to as “the porbeagles”. The more generally accepted common name is mackerel shark. A. kopingensis is the most abundant of the three species, averaging about ˝ inch in size and reaching a maximum of a little under 1 inch. These teeth are robust, with heavy, triangular side cusps and a thick “U” shaped root with no nutrient grove. The teeth hold up extremely well to stream wear making this a popular tooth with collectors . On occasion there may be some difficulty distinguishing between A. kopingensis and Cretolamna appendiculata.



Archaeolamna kopingensis

Archaeolamna kopingensis
Anterior, Lateral, Posterior
Monmouth County, NJ


The crown is slightly hooked on lateral teeth
3/4 inch


Profile view showing the pronounced lingual protrusion.




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