False Mako
Parotodus benedeni (Cappetta)

Age - Eocene - Miocene  Commonality - Scarce

The teeth of Parotodus benedeni are similar to that of Otodus, from which the genus seems to have branched through the loss of the cusplets. (Vestigial cusplets may be present on some Eocene specimens). These teeth have inordinately enlarged U shaped root lobes and a thick curved crown.  There is a thick dental band. P. benedini had a worldwide distribution, but most reference material labels this tooth as rare.


The distinctive large "U" shaped root of Parotodus benedeni.
 3.5 cm
Monmouth County, NJ


Parotodus benedeni

In almost pristine condition, this tooth definitely falls into my top 10.


The large dental band on P. benedeni.


A little beat up, but still a benedeni.

Monmouth County, NJ.

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