The Common Thresher
Alopias latidens (Leriche)

Age - Miocene  Commonality - Uncommon

The common thresher Alopias latidens is almost indistinguishable from today’s modern day thresher Alopias vulpinus. These teeth average a little less than 1/2 inch ( 7 mm ) in size. The crown is triangular with a cutting edge that extends onto the shoulder of the root where just a hint of vestigial cusplets may be present. The roots are distinctive, a heavy “U” shape with no nutrient groove. These teeth are pretty good at finding their way thru the standard 1/4 mesh screening.


Alopias latidens

Alopias latidens
Monmouth County, NJ



Alopias latidens

Small insipid cusplets are not uncommon.




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