Extinct Mackerel Shark
Cretolamna appendiculata (Agassiz)

Age - Cretaceous - Eocene  Commonality - Common

Cretolamna appendiculata is one of three species found in New Jersey that is locally referred to as “the porbeagles”. The more generally accepted common name is mackerel shark. C. appendiculata is a common find in the Cretaceous streams of NJ. These teeth have a compressed root which has a rectangular looking shape. The main cusp is broad and there are two stocky triangular shaped cusplets. Teeth of Cretolamna appendiculata average ½ to ¾ of an inch with some teeth going a little over 1 inch. These teeth, particularly the anterior, can resemble Archaeolamna kopingensis.

Note: Cretolamna appendiculata may also be found in Tertiary locations in New Jersey, although with much less frequency. 



Cretolamna appendiculata
Anterior, Lateral, Posterior
Monmouth County, NJ


The cusplets of C. appendiculata have a wide triangular shape.


C. appendiculata posses a compressed root.


Cretolamna appendiculata
Left - anterior
Right -lateral

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