Eocene Tiger Shark
Galeocerdo eaglesomei (White)

Age - Eocene  Commonality - Uncommon

Galeocerdo eaglesomei is restricted to the Eocene and has similar characteristics to the commonly found Miocene tiger Galeocerdo aduncus.  These teeth have broad compressed crowns, the mesial side of the crown has a slight curve with medium serrations. Unlike G. aduncus the distal side of the tooth does not possess the distinct notch and very coarse serrations. The root lobes are rounded, and a shallow but distinct nutrient grove is present. When viewed from the lingual side the basil margin of the root dips approximately halfway down the crown. These teeth average between 1/2 to 3/4's of an inch and may reach upwards of 1 inch.


galeocerdo eaglesomei

The Eocene Tiger
 Galeocerdo eaglesomei
When viewed from the
lingual side the root looks
disproportionably large  



Top row lingual view, bottom labial.
Specimens and photo courtesy of Steve B.
Monmouth County, NJ   


The serrations on the distal side are coarser than the mesial side, but
lacks the notch found on the more common species of tiger
Galeocerdo aduncus.


Profile view.


A very rare symphyseal Galeocerdo eaglesomei.

Author's note: Attributing this specimen to the species eaglesomei
 is based on the fact that this is an Eocene tooth.


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