The Gray Sharks
Carcharhinus  (Blainville)

Age - Eocene - Present  Commonality - Uncommon

Carcharhinus is a large group know commonly known as the gray sharks. Trying to determine the individual species within this genus is well beyond the scope of this website. Uncommon in the New Jersey area the teeth of Carcharhinus are small, averaging between to inch in length. They are very similar in appearance and size to the commonly found lemon shark (Negaprion eurybathrodon) with the main difference being in the serrations, the teeth of Carcharhinus are usually fully serrate. Differences between uppers and lowers and male and female is common in this genus. 


Carcharhinus sp.
Left - upper - Right - lower
Monmouth County, NJ.



Both the shoulder and crown are serrated.
The serrations on the main cusp may be difficult to see.
Upper tooth


Close-up of serrations on the main cusp.
Upper tooth



Lower tooth - Labial view
Look for serrations on the crown to distinguish between
 grays and lemons


The serrations on the lower teeth are normally finer than the uppers.



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