Crow Shark
Squalicorax bassanii (Gemmellaro)
aka Squalicorax cf yangaensis (Dartevelle & Casier)

Age - Cretaceous  Commonality - Uncommon

  Squalicorax bassanii is found in the older Campanian deposits which are frequently exposed in southern New Jersey. This species is characterized by a mesial heel, the distal heel is pronounced and elongated. The serrations are  large and ragged. To my knowledge Squalicorax bassanii has not been found in Monmouth County.



Squalicorax bassanii

Squalicorax bassanii
Identification verified by Patrick Hendriks
Camden County, NJ.



Squalicorax bassanii
A. mesial heel
B. Ragged, large serrations
C. Distal heel


Lateral Tooth


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