Extinct Tiger Shark
Galeocerdo aduncus (Agassiz)

Age - Miocene  Commonality - Common

Galeocerdo aduncus has teeth with broad compressed crowns. The mesial side of the crown is rounded with medium to small serrations. The distal side has a distinct notch with coarse serrations. The root lobes are rounded and a shallow nutrient grove may be present if not worn away by stream action. These teeth average about 1/2 of an inch reaching a maximum size of about 3/4's of an inch.  The teeth of G. aduncusare very distinctive and the only confusion will be with with the other common tiger found in NJ, Galeocerdo contortus  or the smaller Galeocerdo latidens.



Extinct tiger shark
Galeocerdo aduncus.


The distal side has very coarse serrations and a distinct notch,
 the mesial side has medium to fine serrations.


The rounded crown on the mesial side.


Galeocerdo aduncus

Galeocerdo aduncus labial view.
The coarse serrations on the distal side are complex, that is
the serrations have serrations.

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